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“Something Is Affecting Our Entire Solar System”

And it isn’t “Global warming!”

“Turkish soccer fans prove Obama wrong about “universal” values”

If anything, this video shows Obama’s complete ignorance of the Muslim religion. Instead of a moment of silence at the soccer game in Turkey, to show respect for those murdered by Islamic radicals, 17,000 Muslim fans scream and chant “Allahu Akbar!” 

Obama and others always say “We are not at war with Islam.” That certainly is true, but it doesn’t mean Islam is not at war with us.

Tens of thousands of people are massacred by fanatical Muslims every year. Many have their heads cut off by Islamists who hate anyone who doesn’t believe in their god.

Do Republicans believe Americans come first? I think not.


Look at this this picture from American conservative. Doesn’t look like our borders are being protected?

In the wake of the Paris attacks where 129 people were slaughtered by Islamic jihadists, governors of states on our borders state claim they will close the borders to Syrian refugees.


Watch “U of Missouri Controversy is About Redistributing Power from Whites to Blacks”