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Crooked Democrats Never Go To Jail

When President Trump was running for office, at his rallies, people would chant “lock her up, lock her up, lock her up!” Trump promised he would do that, even publicly on the debate stage. As soon as he was elected, what did he do?



Republicans always do nothing. And it always comes back to bite them.

Instead of being grateful for not spending life behind bars for her criminal actions, Shrillary is in the public domain, demanding that president trump be impeached and arrested.

And I don’t blame her. Trump basically said she was innocent. So why shouldn’t Hillary be calling for his impeachment?

Oh yeah, there’s the little problem of the dossier that she paid for, that proves she, Barack Obama, the FBI and the democrats were colluding to illegally spy on a presidential candidate.

And none of them were arrested.

In the following video, senator Ted Cruz points out the numerous illegal, criminal actions of the democrats. Will he ask for anyone to get arrested?


Once again, Republicans easily prove the criminal actions of Hillary Clinton and the #CrookedDemocrats. Once again I ask, why aren’t any Democrats going to jail for such obvious, egregious criminal efforts to steal the American presidency?

Commenting on the inspector general report that was released earlier this week, Senator Lindsey gramm says:

“Some people need to be fired, Some people need to go to jail for what they did, because The FBI and the Department of Justice took the law into their own hands, they defrauded the FISA court, they trampled on the rights of Carter Page, the Constitutional rights of an American citizen and they surveilled Donald Trump and his campaign in my view unlawfully, for a very long period of time. The day of reckoning is coming and it’s not here yet.”

Is anything going to happen? Is anyone going to jail?

Unfortunately, if we go by the track record of the federal Republican party, nothing is going to happen, and nobody is going to jail.

The federal Republican party does not fill me with confidence. They are all talk and no action.

Democrats are criminals and they get away with criminal actions every single day. When will the federal Republican party step up and start arresting these #CrookedDemocrats?!

Judge Jeanine Sheds The Democrat Party

Just in case you are in any way confused about who the real criminals are. Judge Jeanine exposes the baby-killing, #CrookedDemocrats as the true traitors and tyrants of the United States of America.

Civil War 2 Begins In Virginia

Democrats only own the cities of the United States, yet they think they own the entire country. Now that they are taking over America, they are flexing their muscles.
With their takeover of Virginia complete, Democrats have now expressed their intentions of stepping on the necks of Republicans.

After taking complete control of the state, Virginia Democrats are beginning to enact their left-wing agenda to undermine Americans’ constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights.

Democrats have been impatiently waiting for this moment, this time in America where they will have complete control. Democrats have no desire for compromise with anyone they disagree with. Republicans and Independents who don’t align themselves with the Democrat tyrants will be ignored, banned and arrested.
In case you haven’t been paying attention, for almost 4 years, Democrats have been doing everything possible to impeach President Trump.
They don’t care whether or not he has committed actual crimes.
Right now, they are pushing forward the impeachment process just because they hate his guts. If they are doing this publicly to the president of the United States, how much of a chance do you think you, the individual citizen will have?
The article continues:

When Northam was asked about confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens, the governor responded, “that’s something I’m working [on] with our secretary of public safety.”

Democrats own a tiny percentage of the state of Virginia, the cities. The other 98% of the land in Virginia is owned and occupied by Republicans. This means people who own 2% of the land in Virginia are going to send our United States military and police officers around the state to arrest law abiding Virginia citizens
I pray our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers in uniform refuse to obey the orders of the tyrants, the Democrat party.

What Do We Get When Democrats Run Our Schools?

What do we get when Democrats run our schools? Psychotic, insane, out-of-control children! The teachers are basically saying, “be afraid, very afraid.”

Don’t take my word for it, listen to the teachers talk about their psychotic students!

And how do they want to solve their inability to TEACH. More money, of course!!!