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Democrats Are The Reason We Don’t Have The Season.

Democrats Are The Reason We Don’t Have The Season.

Democrats didn’t rename Christmas vacation to Winter holiday to be fair.

Democrats didn’t rename Easter to Spring break to be fair.

DEMOCRATS STOPPED PRAYER AND changed all things connected to Jesus because THEY DON’T LIKE that we teach our children about OUR LORD, Jesus Christ.

Democrats removed the singing of the Star Spangled Banner at school.

Democrats removed prayer at school.

Democrats stopped our children from running in elementary school at school.

Democrats took away tether ball.

Democrats took away Dodge ball.

Democrats removed nativity scenes all over America.

Democrats stopped prayer at West Point.

Democrats refuse to intervene when Antifa and black lives matter terrorists riot, burn and loot our cities, our businesses and our homes.

Democrats put pro-life people on the terrorist watch list when Obama took office. It was only changed after America spoke up against their terrorist action.

Democrats arrested Jewish people when they wanted to pray in their synagogue and they arrested a hair salon business owner after she dared to open her shop, yet they turned their backs on black lives matter and Antifa as they rioted, looted and burned America.

Democrats are responsible for abortion, the intentional slaughter of babies in the wounds, 70 million killed so far in America alone.

Democrats tore down the bust of Ulysses S. Grant and they destroyed the statue of Francis Scott Key, the author of our Star Spangled Banner.

Democrats don’t represent Jesus, and they certainly don’t represent the United States of America.

It has taken Americans too long to recognize this fact. Now that we have lost America, we will have to pick and choose States to take over and retreat to. If we don’t do it, democrats will destroy the lives of everyone who disagrees with them.

So far, democrats have used their social media platforms, including YouTube, Google, Twitter and Facebook to deperson many conservatives. They own the TV and newspapers, so we are helpless against whatever they want to do to neutralize everyone who opposes them.

The silent majority stayed silent too long. Now we are becoming the oppressed majority.

Democrats Are The American Taliban

MORE proof that hateful democrats are the anti-American Taliban.

Now the Democrat terrorists tore down the statues of Ulysses S. Grant and Francis Scott Key.

Since every American is now a racist, will they turn on the Egyptian pyramids and tombs next?

Fearful Compliance

I just watched a YouTube video by “The Officer Tatum” where he is berating an NFL coach for apologizing after wearing an OAN T-shirt.

The team, people who are members/supporters of the terrorist group black lives matter, attacked the coach, telling him the shirt is racist. Most likely they told him everything the shirt represents is racist. President trump is racist, republicans are racist and white people are racists.

Here is my response to the video:

“I hate to say this, but the man had to do what he did to keep his job. You know as well as I do, if the black lives matter mob today comes after you, you are done.

This is exactly what happened in China with Mao, and in Vietnam after the war. The relentless, emboldened, empowered, and arrogant youth in America today, white and black, have an insane anti-white fervor that is fueled by George Soros and the Democrat party.

I came to America in 1980 from Germany. This country was nothing like what it is today.

Over the years, the democrats have used the media and our public school systems to train/indoctrinate our children into being hateful, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-patriotic and hateful people.

America today is like nazi Germany, and that’s not an exaggeration. If we can’t secede from this so-called “Union” and create our own state, run, don’t walk. Yes, I mean to another country.”

I have watched person after person issue apologies because of fearful and forced compliance. They know if they don’t do it, people will destroy their homes and destroy their lives.

America has become a scary place.

Democrats Don’t Care About Slavery – They Care About Whom They Accuse Of Slavery

The Western World wasn’t the 1st to use slavery, as the origin of this practice goes back thousands of years, even to Africa, where slavery still exists.


So it’s disingenuous to attack “white people.”

Democrats don’t care about slavery. They use this topic like they use any other, as a weapon to bring down people they don’t like. Democrats care about power.