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Trump Is No Conservative

I voted for Trump, I support Trump & I will vote for Trump again. Unfortunately, President Trump isn’t a conservative. He refuses to end abortion. He refuses to end Obamacare and he not only refuses to defend the Second Amendment, he is working against it!

Digital Tyranny & How Social Justice “Is A Misnomer”

Google is “establishing a form of digital gulag, in which were being surveilled upon, our opinions are being monitored and dissidents are being disappeared, just as they were during the Soviet Union. They’re being digitally erased or deleted.”

California Tyrants

You brain-dead, California democrats deserve the tyrants you elected. For those of you Republicans, who have become victims of Democrat tyrannical rule, LEAVE! Or don’t complain.

Democrats won’t change who they are, and it will only get worse.

Women in Combat

So they came up with a new army physical fitness test for women. Women are failing big-time!

The guy who wrote the article is pissing and moaning because so many women are failing. In my opinion, this is exactly what happens in real life. That is, if tests aren’t made easy for the women.

Seriously, should a woman be able to say to the enemy “hey, can you cut me some slack? I just had a baby and I’m not at my best right now.”

I don’t have a problem with women joining the army. They should be required to pass physical fitness tests of course.

Women should not be anywhere near the front lines!

If a 200 pounds man Is injured in combat with 50 pounds of gear, a woman weighing 125 pounds will not be able to lift him to safety. She probably wouldn’t even be able to drag him!

The fact is, men are stronger than women. Much stronger. Men can jump further than women. Much further.

The deadlift world record for a man is 500 kg (1,102 lb 4.9 oz).

The deadlift world record for a woman is 683.4 lb. A little over half.

The world record for long distance jumping is almost 30 feet for a man. A woman is lucky to get 13 or 14 feet.

In a competition 100 meter dash, a world record woman is only 10% slower than a man, but if you put a 100 pound pack on her, or an injured soldier, even an injured woman, I’m willing to bet she collapses to the ground quickly.