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Abortion, murdering innocent babies, is NOT a “constitutional right”

“You can’t have the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness unless there’s hey God, or unless you have respect for people who believe in God. Atheists could not have created this country.”
David Horowitz
Democrats were not the people fleeing Tyranny, they were the tyrants! Democrats are the tyrants today, demanding everyone abandon God while they ignore science and reality, creating fictitious new genders while slaughtering innocent babies in the womb by the millions .

Slavery In America/Europe Explained

Think about it, 98.55% of Americans DID NOT own slaves, and only 5% of the global slave trade went through the United States. If you only listened to Democrats, you would think every American household had a slave back then!

One of the most important videos you will ever share

“This country was founded by dangerous men, and …

Dead like Babies

In the Netflix series “Dead to Me” Christina Applegate, referring to emotional struggles a woman is having after five miscarriages, says to the woman:

“It really is an actual thing. I mean, not if a Republican is asking. But, you heard a heartbeat. And you fell in love with that heartbeat.”

Democrats are cruel people!

Look at how they went about this situation. They don’t want to acknowledge actual suffering for human beings. Five miscarriages. Five children who aren’t walking the earth. Five deaths that she had to suffer through.

They blow off the fact there were five dead human beings, after all, they were just “heartbeats.”

Why did she say “Not if a Republican is asking?” Because Democrats really don’t want us to think they acknowledge abortion is murder.