Monthly Archives: July 2018

Democrat Fascists Take Another Step Toward Controlling Speech

This video “NASA Debunks Global Warming Theory” shows how the fascists are controlling speech.

When you get to YouTube, underneath the video you will see how DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED YOUTUBE now puts links underneath videos they consider “conspiracy theories.”


They did the same thing to this Prager University video.

Who are the privileged ones? Women.

Watch “50 Female Privileges”

No Sunspots

Another day with no sunspots.

No sunspots = increased cosmic rays.

Increased cosmic rays = more clouds and more rain/snow, while the sun bounces off the clouds, back into space.

This = colder weather. Colder weather equals a return to the Ice Age.

The Holocene period will end.

Lost in Translation?

Are we supposed to believe deaf people benefit more from her rocking out then they would if they just watched the musicians?