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How Do Democrats Dispose Of Murdered, Aborted Humans?

“Satan laughing, spreads his wings.” HOW DO DEMOCRATS DISPOSE OF MURDERED, ABORTED HUMANS? They sell body parts, they incinerate them, they grind them up in disposals, they throw them away in dumpsters and they sell complete bodies.

And while Satan is laughing, murdering over 43 million humans by abortion every single year, what are Christians doing?


“European Parliament on Right-Wingers Banned From UK”

Lauren Southern gets her “day in court.” She was given the opportunity to tell her side of the story, how England will ban anyone speaking against Islam, but not people who speak against Christianity.

“Climate Change Collapse Exposing Green Failure, Fraud, Deception”

Definition of fraud / hypocrite – See Democrat / liberal.

“Now, build the wall!”

“We’ve already done the first thing, we voted for President Trump. Now, build the wall!”

Dangerous Democrats have been hiding the statistics of the tens of thousands of Americans who have been raped and killed by illegal aliens. Many family members are coming together, demanding that Trump honor his promise to build a wall and protect us from these dangerous criminals.

Democrats are not looking out for American citizens. They are more concerned with bringing in Democrat-voting illegal aliens, regardless of the cost , crime and financial.