Monthly Archives: March 2016

Europe committing “demographic suicide”

Europe is committing “demographic suicide.” My opinion? America is not far behind.

Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow blame Trump for violent protests

Not surprised. Megan Kelly, who hates Donald Trump with a passion, and Rachel Maddow, blame Donald Trump for violent Chicago protests.

Remember Megyn Kelly in the so-called “debate?” She was the “moderator” who tried to detail Trump.

O’Reilly defends Trump

I just can’t believe Republicans have joined the Democrats, accusing Donald Trump of being like Adolf Hitler.

I pray America rejects the psychotic behavior of establishment Republicans, and other good people who have lost their way.

I’m with Judge Jeanine


I know I’ve said it before, but it needs to be said often. I’m sick and tired of the Republican Party, mostly on the federal level.

The Republican Party takes advantage of pro-lifers and conservatives, and nowadays, they are anything but conservative. I actually have to wonder whom they represent. Let’s look at what they’re supposed to stand for: