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Obama, a traitor Republicans are impotent to stop

Here’s a statement Obama made about our illegal immigration problems in Germany:

Bill O’Reilly, you are not Judge and Jury

O’Reilly, you said you weren’t “going to try the McKinney case on TV”, then you throw in your opinion that the officer should not have drawn his gun, accusing him of improper action.

You don’t know what happened before Ofc. Casebolt drew his gun, yet you throw your opinion in anyway.

You said “The McKinney officer was not in any danger and neither were civilians. He simply overreacted making this an international story.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, then you decide to run the whole story on whether or not the officer should’ve drawn is gun!

Fortunately you had Jonathan Gilliam, A former law-enforcement officer to set you straight. He said “I can’t judge him because I don’t know what threat he was feeling. What’s important to realize is that this officer, when he drew his weapon, he had it at the ready, he didn’t go pointing it and everybody.”

Bill O’Reilly, stop judging cases when you see a video clip from a phone. You have no right, and you’re disrespecting people when you accuse them of committing crimes Without the complete story.

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Can we hire Terminix to fight ISIS?

I just saw this ad for Terminix, and I gotta tell ya, wow, I wish these people would fight our wars.

Here’s the ad, and for greater effect, go to YouTube and play “You got another thing coming” in the background. This is the song they used.

We fight a war against spiders, roaches and every foul pest that haunts your home. And we won’t stop until we’ve killed every last one, until you’re certain they’re gone for good.

Our arsenal is a formidable one. An army of 8000 professionals, 85 years of experience and the strongest guarantee in the business. It’s not exactly a fair fight.

Not here, not now, not in my house.


Can we please get the president of Terminix to take over for Obama as commander-in-chief? If we can afford him, how about the CEO of RAID?

The Republican Party is a mess

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC news poll finds that Americans are identifying themselves more as liberals, less as conservatives.

Really? How could that be? do they align themselves with Democrat policies and issues? Let’s seeā€¦