The Destruction of the Western World

Democrats/liberals use South America to destroy the United States of America. They know Latinos vote Democrat 75% of the time.

Democrats do not believe in our way of life. They want to remove free speech and ban guns so they can tell us what to do and when to do it.

Democrats believe Republicans & conservatives are too stupid to vote and legislate.

It’s like playing a game and losing because the other person cheated. Democrats absolutely believe you must cheat every way possible to get what you want. They believe people are just as crooked as them, so if they don’t cheat first, they are afraid they will lose to someone who does it to them.

America has been overrun with tens of millions of Latinos. Soon, there will be millions more, as another round of blanket amnesty is sure to come.

Europe is being overrun with radical Muslims. These aren’t peaceful, loving Muslims. They are raping and murdering Europeans. in many areas, women are afraid to go out, and not just at night.

“The fate of Europe was decided long ago…” on YouTube


I’ve been to many rallies and protests. It’s always the same. Democrats rarely have an intelligent argument for, or against, whatever they believe in.

The Rest Of The Abortion Story

Here is the latest story of a molested underage girl. There are countless thousands of stories like this in AmeI remember when an underage girl’s mother dragged her to PP for an abortion, after her she was MOLESTED BY the MOTHER’S BOYFRIEND.rica.

I remember when an underage girl’s mother dragged her to PP for an abortion, after her she was MOLESTED BY the MOTHER’S BOYFRIEND.

We called the police. It was obviously a crime.

– The mother was a criminal for hiding the molestation of her minor daughter.

– The boyfriend was a criminal for raping the young girl.

– The employees of Planned Parenthood were criminals for covering up the child rape.

– And the police officers were criminals, for pretending the raped child had a right to an abortion, even though they knew the little girl was raped by the mother’s boyfriend.

Americans should be ashamed of themselves. People know what abortion is, yet they believe a woman should have the right to kill her pre-born child.

Children are forced into prostitution, and then have abortions as their pimps get rid of the unwanted babies. Abortion facilities, like Planned Parenthood, make millions off of these crimes, that they intentionally turn their backs on.

Why Democrats Avoid Confederate History While Republicans Embrace It

For years, Democrats, supported by the Democrat-controlled media, have made it seem as if Republicans were racists. Our American public school system aids in this deception. If the truth were told, the 95% of black people who vote Democrat, would realize they are voting for the same people who enslaved them.

An article at News Blaze points out that “Democrats Avoid Confederate History While Republicans Embrace It.”

That is what should be tought in our schools. Democrats should be held accountable. So often, after major events, like 9/11 or the Holocaust, people say “we will never forget,” or, “always remember.”

Democrats made sure that America has forgotten their violent and immoral actions against black Americans.

Click here to read the article. You will be stunned, if you don’t already know, the history of the racist Democrat party.